Handcrafted Huguenot Crosses and Jewelry

Handmade with care!

Our craftsmen know how much your Huguenot Cross means to you, so we make each one with the quality that can be handed down for generations.

Here you will find the largest selection, finest quality, and best prices on Huguenot Crosses in the world! An email from one of our customers says it best;

"Dear Chuck, Just wanted to let you know we have really enjoyed our petite crosses! I feel like the great story can continue through the family, now, and it can be passed through to future generations! Your artistic work is excellent. The detail is better than the one my mother purchased last century. Thanks for being a part of our family story!"

You will also find fresh new handmade jewelry designs made by our own craftsmen.

We proudly support Huguenot family research. Please let us know when you order and we'll send a portion of the proceeds to the Huguenot organization of your choice.

Email us at jeweler@huguenotcross.com, if you have any questions.