Handcrafted Huguenot Crosses and Jewelry

Our Newest Creation The Huguenot Rose Cross!

Legend has it, that Huguenots fleeing religious persecution arrived in the Cape of Good Hope, and brought with them grape vines and a pink Damask rose, now known as the Huguenot Rose. This handmade cross, with a rose in the center, has a lot more relief, or depth, than most. This is a real 3d cross, not flat. Available in 14K Yellow, Rose and White Gold, and Sterling Silver.

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Here you will find the largest selection, finest quality, and best prices on Huguenot Crosses and handmade jewelry in the world. We also support Huguenot family research. Please let us know when you order and we'll send a portion of the proceeds to the Huguenot organization of your choice.

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